Co-trustee, Corporate Trust and Related Trust Services



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An effective estate plan merges the practical and personal. Trusts are often the cornerstone of an estate plan. At Fiduciary, our advisors are highly skilled in managing the financial, legal, and tax issues that arise with trusts and estate settlement.

But technical skills are only part of what we offer. Fiduciary professionals are also sensitive to the personal dimensions of your financial matters. We implement trusts that reflect your philosophy and your long-term hopes for the beneficiaries of the trust.  We also apply this sensitivity in settling estates or assisting our clients with estate settlement.

We have a range of trustee services:

Corporate Trustee or Co-Trustee

Selecting a trustee is not a simple matter. You must have confidence that the trustee has the skills to handle the technical matters that will arise, including taxation and asset management. You also need to know that the trustee is able to serve for the term of your trust—a period that can span generations.

A corporate trustee—a corporation legally empowered to act as a trustee—is ideally suited to meet these requirements.  At Fiduciary, we have served as a corporate trustee since 1928, offering our clients the assurance that their financial affairs will be dealt with expertly. Our clients also take comfort knowing that future generations of their families will be advised by trust experts who understand their family dynamic and who are committed to the highest standards of integrity, professionalism, and personal attentiveness.

Directed Trustee

New Hampshire law allows for investment and administrative responsibilities to be clearly divided among trustees and third parties. In a directed trust, an investment manager can have the exclusive duty to invest the trust’s assets while the trustee is only responsible for the other aspects of administering the trust. Fiduciary Trust Company of New England is able to serve as a directed trustee in New Hampshire for individuals and families who are already working with another investment firm, but who would like an experienced and independent corporate trustee to administer their trusts.

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Agent for Trustee

Some individuals choose to have family members or advisors serve as trustees.  While this is appropriate in certain situations, it also introduces administrative burdens as well as increased risks, given complex and changing tax, estate, and trust laws.

We offer a range of services to assist trustees in their duties including:

  • Investment management
  • Custody
  • Trust principal and income accounting
  • Beneficiary distributions
  • Bill payment
  • Tax filings
  • Regulatory and legal updates

Trustees can take advantage of a few or all of these services, depending upon their needs.